The Aye-Aye, World’s Largest Nocturnal Primate

What is the Aye-Aye? Deeply immersed on the island of Madagascar, a bizarre creature with bat-like ears, striking yellow eyes, gangly fingers, and a dark bushy tail roams a moonlit canopy. The Aye-aye is an elusive lemur species that is recognized as the largest nocturnal primate on earth. Based on their appearance and behavior, these […]

The Monster of the Rice Field

Introduction I have never been a lover of spooky stories when I was young, and not much has changed since then. To me, scary movies—accompanied with violinists that would only play at the highest notes available to them—were dumb. However, the distinctions given to one animal would make for some alluring horror titles. The Monster in […]

The Wonder of Impossible Complexity

Introduction On the Relax With Animal Facts podcast, we cover many animals which have some amazing abilities. Here are just a couple of examples we can easily take for granted. Cheetahs can reach top-speeds of up to 70 mph. Dolphins have a unique ability to “see” the world through echolocation, also called sonar. Now many […]

Why Etymology is Important

Introduction You may have noticed on the Relax With Animal Facts Podcast we always end the show with the etymology of the name of the animal being covered. There is a reason for the inclusion of this altogether neglected study in every episode, and I seek in this post to explain why. What is Etymology? Etymology as […]